MANSEHRA: A man hailing from Battagram has alleged that his wife was subjected to sexual abuse by son of a hotel owner along with his two friends.

Nazir, husband of the affected woman, told police while filing a complaint that he had brought his seven-month-old son for medical treatment to King Abdullah Hospital in Mansehra on Thursday. He said it was too late when he and his wife came out of hospital and they decided to spend the night at Salahuddin Hotel in the Lorry Adda. He alleged that the hotel owner’s son Asad Salahuddin along with two other people came to his room in police uniforms at 2:00am and took him to another room on pretext of checking and then subjected his wife to sexual abuse. He also alleged that the accused snatched Rs10,000 from him and locked the hotel room from outside.

Police said it has registered a report of the incident and launched investigation.

The local sources said the area people after coming to know about the incident caught hold of two accused and handed them over to police after beating them black and blue. However, the third accused managed to escape.

Courtesy: TNN