WANA: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said there is severe shortage of money to run the country, and advised the countrymen to keep patience and wait for the positive change.

Addressing a gathering of tribal elders in Spenkai Raghzai area during his visit to South Waziristan tribal district, Imran Khan said he is well aware of the history of the tribal districts and problems of the natives. He said the previous rulers knew nothing about the real problems of the tribal areas. He said the people of tribal districts offered countless sacrifices for the country, but they lagged behind in development from rest of the country, which is very unfortunate.

The prime minister vowed to do something for the people of the tribal districts which has never been done before. “We have decided to spend Rs100 billion every year in the tribal districts. We will spend huge money in the tribal areas which has never been spent during the last 70 years,” he said.

The premier said poverty and unemployment ratio was high in the tribal districts, while literacy rate is low. He said people from the tribal region had to go to other parts of the country to do jobs and business due to lack of opportunities in their own areas. He said a large number of Mehsud tribesman have gone to Karachi for better living conditions.

“I personally believe that the people of tribal districts have been kept backward. No country can make progress until it moves forward as one,” the premier noted.

Imran Khan pointed out that the soil of Waziristan is very fertile and rich copper reserves exist there. He said the people of tribal districts will see visible change after improvement of economic condition of the country.

The premier also repeated his pledge to recover the national wealth looted by the corrupt elements. He said the corrupt will have to face accountability and no NRO will be given to them.

Imran Khan said survey is in progress to assess damages suffered by the tribal people due to terrorism and military operations.

He said the government is trying its best to provide justice and basic amenities of life to all people of the society on the pattern of Islamic welfare state of Medina.

Courtesy: TNN