Khursheed Afridi

PESHAWAR, 30 March: As a new spell of violence has started against transgender community in Peshawar, another shemale came under attack in the provincial metropolitan on Friday night when she resisted attempt by some people to kidnap her.

Police said the shemail identified as Farooq alias Chitrali, who hails from Dir, was in Haji Camp area when three men tried to kidnap her in a vehicle. When Chitrali offered resistance, the alleged kidnappers stabbed her, leaving her critically injured. They threw the shemale from the moving car and escaped.

Chitrali was taken to Lady Reading Hospital for treatment. She said the attackers are now threatening her that they will kill her if she revealed their names. Police has arrested one of the accused, while two accused are still at large.

Earlier on Monday, a shemale and her friend were killed by unknown persons on Peshawar’s Ring Road while they were travelling in a rickshaw, however, police couldn’t trace the reason why they were killed.

Later the dead transgender person was identified as Daniyal alias Chukti, a member of the fragile transgender community facing persecution for quite some time.

Daniyal is perhaps, not the first transgender, murdered by armed men. The complete death toll is impossible to determine, but rights groups and police record say 55 trans people have been assassinated in different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the past three years.

According to rights activist Taimur Kamal, this year alone has witnessed 53 incidents of violence on transgender people including sexual harassment and kidnapping.

Farzana Jan, head of the trans people’s association, Trans Action Alliance (TTA), is quite apprehensive about the future of transgender people. The increase of violence against her transgender community has created lots of worries in her mind. She believes that police is responsible for the attacks on the members of trans community.

“Whenever there is an incident of violence against trans people, police file cases against the perpetrators under minor offences, resultantly, the accused are released on bail in a day or two, which encourages them to continue the abuse,” she remarked.

“In most of the cases,” she added, “police show reluctance to register FIR and the victim is forced for reconciliation and the matter is put under the carpet.”

In Kamal’s view, the absence of proper legislation and a clear cut policy is the basic reason of the rising violence against the transgender people.

“As many as 55 transgender people have been killed during the last three years, but police has only arrested the alleged killer of transgender Alisha, who was killed in May 2016,” Kamal said.

Alisha’s murder had for the first sparked widespread protest by transgender people and rights activists following which, police arrested the accused charged in her murder. That case also provided momentum to the movement by the transgender people for their rights and the mainstream media also started giving them adequate coverage.

Another transgender, Spogmai was also killed in November 2017 allegedly by a man she was living with in Peshawar. The reason behind Spogmai’s murder could not be ascertained. Prior to that, a decapitated body of another transgender person called Warra was also found in the city.

Farzana Jan threatens to launch another protest drive if the attackers involved in Chitrali and Chutki’s murderer case were not arrested within two days.

“We are saddened over the brutal murder of Chutki and stabbing of Chitrali. Our hearts bleed again. We hope that police will arrest the killers, otherwise we will start agitation as we did after Alisha’s killing,” she concluded.

Courtesy: TNN