KALAYA: The first ever press club building of Orakzai Agency was inaugurated in Ghaljo area on Friday.

Former Sector Commander Southwest Brigadier Imran Hiader Sherazi, serving Sector Commander Brigadier Shehzad Akram, local journalists and elders attended the inauguration ceremony. On the occasion, the press club president Saleh Din Orakzai and the sector commander jointly inaugurated the press club building.

Brigadier Imran Hiader Sherazi and Brigadier Shehzad Akram said on the occasion that the establishment of the press club building in Orakzai Agency shows that peace has returned to the area. They appreciated the role of journalists in the war against terrorism.

Media persons thanked the political administration and security officials for their cooperation to fulfill the dream of local journalists to establish a press club in the area.

Courtesy: TNN