By Nizam Samoon

A German delegation from the Karachi Consulate visited the site of the project which is helping the people of Thar by setting up schools and providing potable water.

The representatives of German Consulate (Karachi), Mr Angwolf Wogal and Ms Leena visited Tharparkar on Tuesday to review the aid work done by a German NGO and inaugurate the newly set up schools and mobile water filtration plants. They inaugurated schools and mobile RO water filtration plant in various areas of Chachro in Thar.

German NGO has provided mobile RO plant for 12 remote villages in Tharparkar and built schools as well.

Mr Angwolf and Wogal and Ms Leena, the diplomats from the German Consulate, Karachi, inaugurated the project on Tuesday.

The Consulate representatives met local villagers, heard their problems and promised to continue their support to address their basic problems. The German NGO, Tery des Homes, with the help of a local NGO has not only constructed 10 school buildings but also provided, furniture fans, computers and solar electric power as well.

The water filtration plant is also powered by solar energy. As it is mobile, it will deliver potable water to people in 12 villages.

The underground water table is very deep in Chachro and the areas around it, and being saline is undrinkable. The local residents have breathed a sigh of relief at the provision of safe drinking water.

The local traditional handicrafts and products were also showcased for the visitors during the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday.

Local handicrafts were showcased for the visitors in Thar.

While addressing the audience at the inaugural ceremony in Kankio village, Mr Agwolf, the German Consulate representative said, “We are happy to see that local people are benefiting from our projects. We are playing our part to help Pakistani people in various area to overcome their problems.”

Other guests included Partab Shewani, Iftekhar Ahmed, and Salam Dharejo who lauded the help provided by German organization and the government.

Nizam Samoon is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Mithi, Tharparkar. 

All photos by the author