CHARSADDA: The 16-year-old Ayesha from Majogi area of Charsadda, who was stripped necked on gunpoint for making her video on mobile phone, has alleged that her family has left the area due to threats from the family of the accused.

Ayesha along with her parents said at a press conference in Charsadda on Thursday that the accused belong to an influential family. She said the government should provide security to her family. She said the family of the accused are pressurising them for a patch up in return for some money. She said they had to leave the village due to continuous threats and her sisters now cannot go to school.

Ayesha’s father said no government official came to them even one week after the incident. He said his family is facing threats and they need security.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the accused in a press conference claimed that all the allegations of Ayesha and her family were baseless. They claimed that the girl has hurled accusations on them to defame their family in the area.

They said Ayesha’s mother while talking to media had also mentioned a person named Hasnain, but he is not nominated in the case. They said Hasnain should also be included in the investigation to unearth the real truth behind the whole episode.

Ayesha had alleged on 31 January that Azam and Wasim entered her house and forcibly made her inappropriate video. She alleged that both the accused also tried to rape her, but they fled due to earthquake.

Courtesy: TNN