JAMRUD: The Jamrud Degree College administration has said that distribution of political scholarships among student would begin from tomorrow.

The administration said on July 14 and 15, scholarships would be awarded to first-year and second-year students. Similarly, on July 17, 18 and 19, scholarships would be awarded to third-year and fourth-year students. On July 20 and 21, scholarships would be awarded to BS students.

Jamrud Degree College Principal Muqadar Khan Afridi told TNN that the political scholarships were withheld for the last two years adding that students have made huge efforts to restore the scholarships. He said that he himself was also in constant contact with the political agent to restore these scholarships. “7.1 million rupees have been released for the scholarships and we have started distribution of the amount among students,” he added.

Courtesy: TNN