PakVoices’ citizen journalist Waleed Khan has captured the photos of Qadirpur Mosque through his lens, showing the forgotten heritage.

The mosque is located in Qadirpur on the outskirts of Rahim Yar Khan about 50 kilometers from the city.


In 1752, Qadirpur mosque was built during the reign of Nawab Ikhtiyar Khan of Bahawalpur State.


Bahawalpur State had constructed five mosques at the time out of five which only Qadirpur mosque survives today. It has also fallen into disrepair. 


The mosque was designed to represent the classic Islamic style of architecture in the Bahawalpur State.  


The locals demand from the government to protect the Muslim heritage by renovating the building. 


Some of the domes have caved in or cracked as shown in this picture.


According to the locals, the mosque continues to attract tourists occasionally despite its poor condition.


Waleed Khan is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan. 


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