Chairman of CHEPS Rehmat Ali Johar personally set on this mission to take the advocacy movement to every village of Chitral and to every member of the community. He, along with the volunteers, organized cleanliness drives and environmental awareness events in thirty one villages of Biyar.

The villages that CHEPS team has outreach include Lashkar Goz, Chinarabad, Chikar , Garam chasma, Intripon, Khalkhund, Gherarum , Yarkhun Lasht, Intip,Shusht, Shikarmat , Dubarrgar, Zhupu to all the way down to Mastuj, Sarghuz and Parwak.

During the month long community interaction events, CHEPS reached to more than 8,000 students and over 10,000 community members. CHEPS has set up Green clubs in every village
which empowers youth to own the local environment. The slogan of Clean and Green Pakistan has now reached Booni, and CHEPS is arranging different environmental drives with TMA in Booni region.

CHEPS has received tremendous support from Deputy Commissioner Chitral Irshad Sodhar. He is putting great efforts for the protection of environment and ecology of Chitral.

Courtesy: Pamir Times


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