IMERGARA: Score of women along with men came out of their homes and blocked the main Peshawar-Lower Dir road on Tuesday in protest against the continuous load-shedding and low electricity voltage in Talash area Lower Dir.

The protesting women placed sleeping beds on the road and blocked the main Peshawar-Lower Dir road for all kind of traffic.

The protesters raised slogans against local grid officials and Wapda authorities.
The protesting men and women alleged that the Peshawar Electricity Supply Corporation (Pesco) had been carrying out 20 long hours of unannounced load-shedding in the area. They also alleged that the electric appliances at their homes rupture due to low electricity voltage.

At first the protesters were refusing to hold negotiations with anyone, however, later they called off their protest following successful talks with the district administration officials.

Courtesy: TNN