PESHAWAR: Women legislators of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Saturday organized a fair encourage women, curb domestic violence and create awareness among women about their constitutional rights.

The fair was inaugurated at Gor Ghatri by KP Minister Shah Farman where women legislators were present on the occasion.

Women from different localities of the city have set up stalls putting cultural dresses and foods on display. The minister said that such events should be organized regularly to aware women of their rights that would provide environment for women empowerment.

He said that female legislators were playing their due role for women empowerment in the province. MPA Zarin Zia, on this occasion, said they would never stay silent and raise voice against domestic violence reported everywhere.

“We would take such steps to encourage women to come forward and polish their skills,” she said, adding that this was the third event to highlight plights of women.

Courtesy: TNN