By Waleed Khan

If you are a frequent traveler on a Grand Trunk (GT) Road in Punjab, chances are you would have sipped a cup of strong tea at one of the dhabas on the way, also known as ‘truck hotels’, popular among truck drivers who stop over there. At any such hotel, trucks can be seen parked in line, showcasing the art and calligraphy.

Truck art is a famous form of artwork in Pakistan with trucks featuring floral patterns and creative work including witty and satiric lines that strike everyone behind the truck.

To provide the taste of ‘truck hotel’ to the people in the city of Rahim Yar Khan, the ‘truck hotel’ has been launched inside the truck for the first time in Southern Punjab. The hotel has the capacity of serving around 70 people at a time.

Here are some glimpses of the ‘meal truck’ which features all the hallmarks of traditional truck art.

Janu’s Cafe has been opened inside the truck in Rahim Yar Khan city replicating the traditional truck hotel model from the G.T road in Punjab.


The ‘meal truck’ has also the poetic and folk calligraphy often reflecting the wit and satire which is a hallmark of truck art.


People are enjoying a dinner at the meal truck.


The entrance to the meal truck hotel has been given from the front of the truck.


‘Swari labey na labey, speed aik so nabey’, one of the most popular lines on the trucks approximately translates as whether you find a passenger or not, the speed is 190 KM ph.


Families are also coming to taste the food of ‘meal truck’ and its special ambiance.

Waleed Khan works with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan. 


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