Gilgit: Diamer Police had exhumed the body of a married woman who had died mysteriously one day before Eid. The exhuming of the body was ordered by the Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan, after the woman’s father complained that his daughter’s body had marks of torture and that she may have been murdered.

The exhumed woman (identity withheld)’s father has told the regional press that his daughter was married four years ago to a resident of Goharabad, and the couple were having fights every now and then. He has said that few day before Eid, his son-in-law called him and asked him to come and take his daughter back. Later, while he was going to bring his daughter back, the man told by the police that his daughter was dead.

The woman’s father (identity withheld) has accused the police of coercing him to bury his daughter without carrying out the legally required medico-legal examination, allegedly to save the accused.

On hearing the father’s account, the Supreme Appellate Court’s judge had ordered exhumation of the woman’s dead body.

On the court’s orders, the body of the woman was exhumed the Diamer Police and sample were sent to Lahore for forensic analysis.

Several days have passed after the exhumation, but so far the deceased woman’s father has not received the medical report. No FIR (First Information Report) has been registered yet, and no arrests have been made. The delay has frustrated the woman’s father, who fears that he may not be able to get justice for his daughter’s alleged murder.

The aged man has now approached the media to highlight his daughter’s alleged murder.

He has appealed to the Supreme Appellate Court to take notice of the situation and order the police to arrest the alleged murderer and register a case against him.

Courtesy: Pamir Times