By Iqra Hanif

A few students of Islamia Bahawalpur University arranged an iftar with the underprivileged children at the World Park in Bahawalpur city. The children had a fun time after the dinner as the setting of the park was perfect to ignite their interest.

The children belonged to the charity Dar-ul-Aftaal which looks after orphan kids.

The initiative was taken by Nisar Abid, a student of the journalism department at the university, who was supported and joined by other university fellows in this noble cause.

The children had a rare opportunity to enjoy swings at the park. The students engaged the children in activities which enhanced their understanding of teamwork and the importance of taking care of each other and supporting each other.

The students resolved to continue to support the underprivileged children even after the month of Ramadan as they plan to engage them in various learning activities.