Sajid Bajeer

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According to the Civil Hospital Mithi sources, six infants have died due to malnutrition and the sudden cold wave that has caused the spread of seasonal diseases. Dozens of patients are admitted for treatment in government-run hospital but there is a big problem of a shortage of medicines and a lack of treatment facilities.

Those six infants who died at the Civil Hospital included 16 days old Hareesh S/O Gotam, one-year-old Basharat Khan S/O Mehboob, 2 days Bibi D/O Imam Ali Bajeer, 7 days old Sanaullah S/O Jalal Uddin and newly born Hussain. The number of infant deaths has reached an alarming figure of 66 during the last two months.

At present, there are almost over 130 patients admitted to Civil Hospital Mithi that include over 30 children. Majority of the children are suffering from flu and cough caused by the prevalent cold wave. Most of the hospitals, both public and private have seen a sudden influx of patients suffering from various sicknesses caused by cold weather.

Public hospitals in Tharparkar lack health facilities and there is an acute absence of free medicines. The DHO (District Health Officer) Tharparkar has not taken any notice of the issue till the writing of this report. Neither has the government been informed about the issue of medicines shortage at the hospitals.

The administrators of various Basic Health Units and Tehsil Head Quarter Hospitals including Civil Hospital Mithi have informed the DHO of lack of medicine supplies three months ago but the higher administration has paid no attention to it.

Sources at the hospital told Pak Voices that the Children Ward is overcrowded with patients and beds are not enough to accommodate the number of patients.

The BHUs in villages are provided free medicines for 40 patients per months, where the staff receives at 40 to 50 patients per day. The free medicines hardly last for a single day and the rest of the month patients can’t get any free medicines.

Regarding the issue, Pak Voices contacted DHO Tharparkar Dr Shafeeq ur Rehman several times to record his point of view but unfortunately, he didn’t attend his phone.

Sajid Bajeer works as a citizen journalist for Pak Voices from Tharparkar.

Translated by Tariq Mehmood