By Nizam Samoon

Due to rain in Tharparkar, the crop yielded more than the expectation of the farmers this year. As they returned to their villages with hopes of high returns, making the most of the conducive environment. Yet they are deprived of their due share because of the ‘greedy traders’ as the farmers blame them for their plight.

Women folks work shoulder to shoulder with men in Thar ensuring maximum productivity. Here are the glimpses of farmers working in the field:

A woman can be seen at work in the fields near Mithi, the headquarters of Tharparkar.


As anticipated the rates of traditional crops like cluster beans has been reduced by the traders depriving the farmers their due share.
A majority of Thar farmers use traditional farming methods as it protects the fertile layer of land.


Farmers have been demanding that they should be provided a fair deal but no one has paid attention to their concerns.
By providing a variety of seeds of the traditional crop, the produce can be doubled.


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