By Ilyas Raees 

The girl’s school appears deserted as it’s been dysfunctional.

Dazi is a town in union council Bonistan in Panjgur, Balochistan province. There is only one Middle School for boys and only one Primary school for girls which was established 10 years ago.

To the disappointment of local girls and their parents, the school remains locked most of the time in the year. When someone complains about the school’s closure, it opens for a couple of days only to be shut down again for an indefinite period.

One of the reasons for its closure is its location: It is located about two KM outside Dazi town. A majority of girls has to walk all the distance by foot.

A local resident Daad Mohammad saw this scribe standing at the closed gate of the school and said, “I don’t know why the government has established this school when it remains shut most of the time in the year as I have never seen this it open and working.”

The girl’s school mostly remains locked.

Nadeem another local resident while talking to Pak Voices said, “Our children too have the right to get educated. There should be a High School for girls. But let alone high school, the one we have, is dysfunctional.”

Pak Voices asked some of the local people whether they had registered a complaint to the education department about the school closure. Shahab Ali, a student said, “We have gone to the authorities many times. But on every visit, we are given false promises of making the school functional.”

He further added, “There are four female teachers posted in this school. But not a single one shows up for a duty. Sometimes when our complaint is heard and the so-called action is taken, they hire a semi-literate matriculate girl on a temporary basis to keep the school open for a few days.”

Pak Voices’ representative visited the Education Department to inquire about the school. An official, who did not want to give his name, said, “According to our report the school is open and functioning but if you say I can check it again and update you.” After a brief exchange, the official left the office for a school function.

Ilyas Raees is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur. 


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