GOJAL: Pakistan Peoples Party’s MLA Javed Hussain has been named in a First Information Report (FIR) for attacking Customs officials and trying to steal Non-Custom Paid goods from the NLA Dry Port, Sost.

The FIR mentions that Javed Hussain, who is a member of the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly was, along with 15-29 others, trying to steal goods in a truck. When he was caught red handed, the group became violent, and one of them slapped the Deputy Collector/Inspector.

After the incident, Customs officials have suspended operations in Sost, demanding security.

Meanwhile, police has arrested local trades from Sost town, triggering anger in the region. Those arrested on “suspicion” include, Farman Ali Tajik (Clearing Agent), Rizwan Karim (Importer), Fazal Rabbani (Clearing Agent), and Gulsher (Clearing Agent).

A Sost based source told Pamir Times that people who are neither mentioned in the FIR, nor the application filed by Malik Muhammad Arshad Awan, Inspector of Customs, have been arrested from Sost. Locals have demanded immediate release of the “innocent” traders, who, they said, had nothing to do with the incident.

NLC’s Major Jamal Shaukat has also lodged an FIR against Javed Hussain and his group, seeking action under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Courtesy: Pamir Times