Sea erosion in Pishukan
Sea erosion in Pishukan

Pishukan, a coastal town with about 15,000 people situated in tehsil Gwadar and located 45km from Gwadar city, has been experiencing severe sea erosion.

The sea erosion began six years ago when the Gwadar Development Authority started constructing a fish landing jetty in the area. This pushed the force of water in the opposite direction where the local residential area is situated.

However, with the onset of summer the intensity of sea erosion increased. This is posing a serious threat to the homes of local fishermen. It has already swallowed up a mosque, two sheds and a primary school located on the bank of the sea.

Now the new government has given the contract to the irrigation department to complete the project, but the progressive work is going very slow and with this work in the summer season the erosion will keep increasing day by day.

Such sea erosion is continuously devastating the region. It is hoped that before the menace of sea erosion brings more destruction, the authorities concerned would look into the matter seriously and take prompt measures.

Fida Ahmed

Pishukan, Gwadar