PESHAWAR: A steep rise has been witnessed in cases of child rape in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with around 4600 cases of sexual assault of minors registered in last one year.

Experts say that most parents shy away from coming out to lodge complaints with local police and in this way hundreds of such cases go unreported due to fear of being cornered by the society.

Talking to Tribal News Network, Dr Wajahat Arbab, while quoting a survey, said that 60 percent relatives, 30 percent close relatives while 10 percent other than relatives are found involved in rape of minors.

She said that it was difficult to ascertain the exact causes as to why a man assault a minor but it has been find out, through a research, that those who rape minors have suffered sexual trauma in their childhood.

“Those who faced sexual trauma in their childhood then assault minors as a revenge that slowly makes him an addict and a habitual molesters of children,” she said.

She said that some people watch child porn videos and develop a tendency towards children. The doctor said that she had handled two such cases in which a 30-year boy had rapped a minor girl who was her neighbor. “Her mother had left her daughter in supervision of the boy who could not control himself and raped her,” she said.

She added that he started feeling guilty after some time and the horrible thoughts used to haunt him everywhere.

In second case, she said she was treating a physically and mentally weak girl who after some recovery  revealed that her own father used to rape her.

She says that society is moving away from its cultural values while use of mobile phones, access to internet and and porn website have taken a toll on children.

“Parents have now allocated separate rooms for their children and given them mobile phones and computers without keeping a check on their activities,” she said.

She emphasized that parents as well as the government should take steps to contain sexual assault of minors and block all website showing porn videos.

Courtesy: TNN