By Aqsa Nizamani

Tharparkar youth have established a testing facility Tharparkar Testing Service (TTS) to help facilitate youth of the district in preparing university entry tests. The facility also provides career counseling to the youth.

Initiatives is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur, Sunjay Kumar who was later joined by his other fellows. Sunjay, himself, is a medicine student currently completing his 4th year at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) Jamshoro.

Talking to PakVoices, Sanjay said that they took it as their responsibility to boost the confidence of students through variety of capacity building tests and their self-assessment test is one of the leading services they are rendering to Tharparkar youth. He said there are several testing facilities across the country, however, not a single is providing services in Tharparkar.

This year the TTS organized its first test event in which more than three hundred students from Tharparkar participated in it.