Qadir Bakhsh Sanjrani

Corrupt practices in water supply scheme at Kallag, a suburban union council of Panjgur have become a norm due to which residents are facing several issues. The water supply scheme in Kallag was built in year 2017 on which Rs. 3.7 millions were spent however it has failed to supply water to the residents as of yet.

The contractors with the help of management dug a 150 ft. deep bore in the ground and built a transformer worth Rs. 70,000. Along with that, the contractors had also built a pole worth Rs. 10,000 in addition with a room that costed Rs. 100,000. However due to no maintenance, the project has yet to start.

Situation is very alarming in Kallag due to absence of water scheme. The residents were relieved after the announcement of this water scheme but it turned out to be temporary. The failure of this scheme is attributed to the contractor who is also a close relative of sitting Member Provincial Government (MPA) at that time and overlooking Public Health Department. Due to the negligence, this project of public interest couldn’t give any relief to the residents of Kallag.

The residents of the area while talking to PakVoices said that the actual spending on the scheme is only Rs. 500,000 and rest of the money has been allegedly used in corrupt practices. They further stressed that authorities must take action against delay in the project and provide water to Kallag and other suburban areas of Panjgur.