Ilyas Raees

The locals of Panjgur have been long involved in extracting syrup from a specific local date produced in the region called “Kharabah” in local language.

Panjgur is known for production of good quality dates. The syrup extraction process takes place in a number of steps. Firstly, the dates are gathered and then left in the sun for about two hours. The purpose of keeping the dates in the sun is to ensure that more syrup is extracted after the dates are heated.

After this, the dates are put in a chest made out of leaves of date trees which is then closed with the help of a tight rope. This specific chest is known as “Soond” in local Balochi language.

The chest is then shifted to a specific place and heavy weighted stones are kept on top of it along with a date tree branch. The syrup starts extracting from the dates after the completion of this process.

Normally three to four liters of syrup is collected from this process which are then sold to the local market.


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