ISLAMABAD: The Interior Ministry on Friday closed down operations of Radio Mashaal, a Pashto language broadcaster funded by the United States after it was found against the interest of Pakistan.

A notification issued by the ministry, forwarded to Islamabad chief commissioner and IG Islamabad police, said that Radio Free Europe was spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda and promoting agenda of a hostile intelligence agency

The letter said that four major themes of the programme were projecting Pakistan as safe-haven, a failed state as it has failed to provide security to its minority, Pakhtun and Baloch population apart from inciting people to rise against the state and its institutions.

According to media reports, the transmission of Radio Mashaal was shut down on recommendation of Inter Services Intelligence, after which the ministry decided to take action against it. However,

The radio first began its services in Fata in 2010 counter the growing number of extremist radio stations in the region.

Talking to Tribal News Network, staffers of Radio Mashaal in Islamabad expressed unawareness and rejected the claims that the radio’s head office in Islamabad has been sealed.

Courtesy: TNN