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Gwadar: According to Daily Tawar, a number of projects completed by the Gawadar Development Authority (GDA) have been abandoned to willful negligence and non-maintenance. GDA has completed a number of roads, including the Link Road. However, many completed roads are no longer looked after, as a result of which several road-patches are buried under sand. The paper says that the said body has sufficient funds and machinery available to keep the roads clear of such debris and yet portions of Marine Drive and Padi Zar Road are currently dysfunctional. Because of the debris on these roads, a number of fatal incidents have taken place.

GDA also overlooked the construction of a Sports Stadium in Gwadar. The stadium has been complete for a while now but no official inauguration has taken place. Meanwhile, the place has been left to rot, with shattered glass-panes and a damaged gate.

Source: Daily Tawar 01-12-14