Rural Primary School

Gwadar: According to a Daily Tawar report, most primary schools in the rural regions of Gwadar are in an abysmal state. Most of these schools are one-teacher schools, which means that the day the teacher in charge doesn’t arrive, there are no classes. According to a survey by local journalists, most of these single-room, single-teacher schools in Ziarat Machi, Nagor Talafi and Jorkan have been shuttered for months now, leaving hundreds of students without primary education.

The report states that the primary school in Nagor Talafi has been closed for the past two months whereas the primary school in Jorkan is also currently closed due to the absence of the teacher. The Ziarat Machi primary school comprises of a single room and the teacher in-charge has been on leave for more than two months now.

The local paper further observes that UNICEF, in collaboration with the Baluchistan government, has been spending tens of millions of rupees each month on wall-chalking campaigns and seminars meant to gear up literacy in the region. Beyond that, the provincial government seems little interested in taking any practical steps to ensure that teachers come to school and children have access to primary education.

Source: Daily Tawar (Nov 26 backpage)