UPPER DIR: A couple was reportedly gunned down in the name of honour in Achar Bala area of Upper Dir district here Sunday, the police said.

The police said that unknown persons, Saturday night shot dead, Daud Khan and his wife at their home. Quoting locals, the police said that Daud had married his wife had married against the will of their families two years ago.

They said that family of the woman was not happy as her marriage had brought a bad name to the family.

There were also reports that the deceased woman was already married and left her husband with taking divorce while it was also second marriage of Daud.

The police said that Daud was a police constable who was later terminated from his service for unknown reasons. When contacted, the officials at the concerned police station said that the incident took place in far flung mountainous area and police party sent to inquiry has not yet arrived.

Courtesy: TNN