Chitral: An investigation committee has said that the ‘controversial phrases’ used by a Chitrali man do not amount to blasphemy against the Holy Prophet. The committee members have said that based on opinions taken from a wide range of religious scholars, it has been concluded that the allegation of blasphemy is not true.

The committee has also made several recommendations for controlling misuse of social media in the future.

The blames of blasphemy had surfaced two weeks back in Chitral when an Ismaili used certain terms of reverence and love, which some Sunni people considered to be blasphemous, because they thought the usage of the term was reserved for the Holy Prophet. The terms used were “Sarkar-e-Do Jahan” (Master of both worlds) and “Alaihis Salam” (Peace Be On Him).

A committee was formed comprising district officials and religious scholars, who have concluded their investigation and ruled out the allegation of blasphemy.

It is pertinent to note that in Pakistan blasphemy is legally punishable by death. In many cases mobs have lynched alleged ‘blasphemers’, based on rumors and lies, or allegations based on lack of knowledge. Many people have also used the anti-blasphemy law in the past to settle personal scores.

Courtesy: Pamir Times