Gilgit: Sub-division administration of Gilgit District has banned the sale of soft drinks and ‘energy drinks’ inside schools. The decision was announced by Assistant Commissioner Naveed Ahmad, who said that the ban was necessitated by the fact that the soft drinks, and energy drinks, are hazardous for health of the kids.

He said that the decision has been taken in line with a report released by the Punjab Food Authority.

The Assistant Commissioner, who is also the sub-division magistrate, said that the ban comes into action from 14th of August (yesterday), and will remain in place indefinitely.

Explaining the ban, the AC has said that soft drinks are using large quantities of unhealthy and addictive substances, like caffeine and phosphoric acid, which jeopardizes health of the consumers, especially students.

The ban will be applicable for all educational institutions, including Karakoram International University, government and private colleges, schools, tuition/coaching centers and other places of learning, said the assistant commissioner in a press release.

Courtesy: Pamir Times