By Nizam Samoon 

Tourists are availing these camps during their stay in Thar desert.

With the weather becoming pleasant after recent spells of rain, people are flocking the tourist’s spots in Tharparkar. But there are limited facilities for the visiting tourists as they face issues from lack of quality food to clean accommodation services in Nagarparkar, which is the most frequented place these days.

In view of the shortage of reasonable living place, a local private organization Thardeep has come up with the makeshift camps where many tourists are coming to stay. Here are some of the glimpses of the tourists making it to the Desert Thar region.


These makeshift camps have been installed by a local organization Thardeep at an affordable rent.


Local folk singers perform during the peak tourism season.


These camps are well equipped with basic needs including power for charging and other things.


People flock to the Karoonjhar hill in Nagarparkar to enjoy the natural beauty.


Locals offer horse ride in the desert to the visiting tourists.


Many are living with their families in these camps as they are considered pretty safe.


Since the first rain of the season last month, tourists are visiting many picnic spots to enjoy the weather and natural scenic views.


Local folk musicians are performing at one of the huts.


Nizam Samoon is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Tharparkar. 

All photos by the author