KARACHI: The 148-day set-in of Pakhtun labourers outside the Karachi Press club will end in a day or two after some of their issues were resolved with the support of Member national assembly from Bajaur, Gul Zafar Khan.

According to details one of the major issues faced by over 300 Pakhtun labourers of Port Qasim was the suspension of employment cards by the Sindh government saying that they were employed on Sindh quota in violation of rules. The labourers were informed that with the efforts of Gul Zafar Khan, the port officials have signed the document and they will soon get good news.

Besides this, the labourers were informed that successful meetings have taken place with the officials of Chinese Company who has expressed the agreement that the incentives of labourers working in the company will be increased by 10 per cent.

Another old demands of the labourer was the establishment of the Dak labour board at the Port Qasim, however, the officials of the port said that this demand is not logical in the present situation, when 70 per cent of port has already been privatized due to which it is not possible for them to establish the Dak Labour board. They maintained that the labourers have also filed a petition in this regard in Sindh High court which is pending for the last 15 years. Thus, the Sindh minister for ports and shipping has already said that until the high court announced its verdict in the case, they cannot make in a decision in this regard.

Majority of 1751 Dak labourer at Port Qasim are Pakhtuns and most of them belong to District Bajaur, thus the MNA from Bajaur, Gul Zafar Khan, has taken a personal interest in resolving their issues. Zafar has raised voice for them when they the police resorted to baton charge on the Labourer rally during the Prime Minister Imran Khan visit to Karachi. Zafar, in his national assembly speech, has said that PTI has staged 126-day of set-in during the Muslim League-Nawaz government but no one had resorted to baton charge but now during the PTI government, they are cannot even tolerate a rally of labourers. He has also warned of lodging a case in Supreme Court if the labours were not provided with their rights.

Courtesy: TNN