CHITRAL: Hundreds of men, women and children protested against the Station House Officer (SHO) of Police Station Mastuj, condeming his soft corner for an alleged murderer of a local youth named Aslam Baig.

The protesters burnt tires and demanded justice for Aslam Baig, who was allegedly killed by a woman and her accomplice, a police official.

The angry protesters also unanimously passed a resolution demanding sacking of the SHO and launching an inquiry against him for violating law and obstructing justice.

The protesters said that Aslam Baig was allegedly murdered by his wife, Zauja Bibi, and her accomplice, a police constable, Shahabul Amin. They said that the murder took place on 14 April 2017. The locals said that Shahab has confessed his crime, and many local witnesses are also present to prove the crime. They said that the woman and the police constable got married soon after the murder of Aslam Baig.

They said that at the very early stage of the investigation the said SHO pressurized and threatened eye witnesses, telling them that if they persisted then he will lodge an FIR against them and take them into physical remand. This, they said, freightened the eye-witnesses and they are reluctant to go to the court.

During the protest a kid was holding a placard with Urdu text addressed to PTI Chairman Imran Khan: “Mr. Khan, the KP Police Is Deceiving You”.

The locals also said that the SHO Mastuj arrested Hidayat Khan, a retired army official (Subadar) and kept him a lock-up for 24 hours to stop him from pursuing justice in this case. They also said that the SHO raided Hidayat Khan’s house, and stopped him from through fear and intimidation. The SHO was also accused by the locals of getting signatures from an eye-witness on a blank paper and then recording a forged and false statement.

They said that the SHO was trying to weaken the case on the pressure of some politicians. They said that concerned SHO was harassing the family of the deceased Aslam Baig and supporting his killer Shabul Ameen because the accused is also police constable.

They said that SHO concern demanded for vehicle from the aggrieved family for investigation team and they also paid 35000 rupees for transportation.

The protesters said that the alleged murderer police constable was threatening father of Aslam Baig to shun pursuit of justice in this case.

The protesters demanded that the Chief Justice of Pakistan take notice of the case and order investigation against the SHO and his co-conspirators.

Talking to this scribe sister of Aslam Baig and his father said that the accused Shahabul Ameen was released on bail after one month and now our lives are in danger because he is threatening us of murder.

In this connection this scribe also contacted District Police Officer Chitral Cap Retired Mansoor Aman. Who called SHO Mastuj and aggrieved party along with investigation officer. He listened their grievances and conducted a departmental inquiry in this regard under supervision of SP Noor Jamal. DPO assured father of Aslam Baig late for each and every possible support in this regard. He also confirmed that Shabul Ameen has been suspended from his service and he would be bound to never threaten father of Aslam Baig late.

DPO assured that if it was proved that police has got Rs 35000 from the father of Aslam Baig, then he will take action against the police staff and the amount will be returned to Purdoom Khan back.

Talking to this scribe Purdoom Kahn, Sub Hidayat Khan, Mir Rahim and Purdom Baig of Brep thanked DPO and expressed their satisfaction on the departmental inquiry.

Courtesy: Pamir Times