CHITRAL: (PR)The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) announced results of annual examination 2018. A student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) Chitral Zuhaib Ali son of Ali Muhammad of Village Reshun Secured second position in Pakistan in SSC level Science Group. He secured 91.4% and became the second among the students of all schools in Pakistan affiliated with AKU-EB.

Improving its results from previous years, AKHSS Chitral showed outstanding results this year and the total passing percentage remained 98%. Total 234 students of SSC and HSSC level from AKHSS Chitral appeared in the Annual examination of May/June,2018 and 230 students were declared as passed. Out of the total appeared students 157 students secured A and A+ grades.

In Grade 9, a student Owaisullah Faiz S/O Faiz Akber,a resident ofMastuj secured first position in his class by securing 510 out of 550 marks, whereas Mehtab Ahmad S/O Sharif Rehmat R/Owashich, &Shahzaib Ali S/ORehmat ZarR/OJunalikoch respectively stood second and third by scoring 507 and 504 marks each.

In Grade 10, Zuhaib Ali not only stood first in his class but also secured second position in Pakistan by securing 1005 out of 1100 marks, whereas, Tanveer AlamS/O Rehmat Nizar ofMeragram stood second by securing 983 out of 1100 marks. In the same grade, Jawad Ali S/O Sheri Baig of Reshun and Salman Syed S/OSyed Muhammad AkramofMastuj stood third by securing 977 marks each.

In HSSC-I, Hanif Ali S/O Ali Murad ofParwak secured the first position in his class by securing 467 out of 500 marks. Whereas, Farhanullah Aziz S/O Rehmat Aziz ofJughoor and Faizan Taj S/O Aziz Wali Taj ofBooni respectively secured second and third positions by securing 447 and 437 each.

In HSCC-II, Ali Nawaz Khan S/O Sher Nawaz Khan of Bang Yarkhoon secured the first position in his class by securing 962 out of 1100 marks. Whereas, Adil Muhammad S/O Amir Muhammad of Reshun stood second by securing 912 marks and Syed Talib Haider S/O Firdous Shah ofBrep came third by securing 904 out of 1100 marks.

The principal and all the teachers of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral, extremely commended the strenuous efforts of the students for their outstanding achievements in AKU-EB annual examination,2018. All the credit goes to the commitment, dedication &energetic efforts of the teachers, staff members, parents’ feedback & it is the teamwork of all together to move towards a common vision, to accomplish the objectives of the institution & allows all the members of AKHSS, Chitral to attain the uncommon results. The students of AKHSS, Chitral attribute their success to the prayers of their parents, dedicated works of their teachers and conducive learning environment in the school.

Courtesy: Pamir Times