By Danish Balani

Samejo is standing in the middle wearing a cap.

At 26, Ghulam Sarwar Samejo, a social activist and a former journalist, is contesting the election as an independent candidate from PS-55 Nagarparkar in Thar while the major political parties have awarded tickets to the electables who are outsiders causing resentment among the locals.

Samejo, a computer science graduate of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro, belonging to the small village, Mohammad Ali Shah, wants to challenge the status quo and feudal system, saying, “My target is to demolish the feudal system from the region as they have always disowned the public of Nagarparkar after winning the elections.

Nagarparkar Taluka is located 130 km from Mithi in Tharparkar district of Sindh Province, near to the India-Pakistan border. The number of total voters for district Tharparkar for two national and four provincial assemblies is 5, 27,013 out of which PS-55 Nagarparkar has 1, 41,097 voters.

Despite huge tourism potential, Nagarparkar remains a backward area where there is a lack of all the basic facilities like electricity, quality education, girls’ education and water.

For the upcoming general elections 2018 , PPP has allotted ticket to Qasim Siraj Soomro for PS-55 Nagarparkar, who is the resident of PS-54 Dahili , Tharparkar and currently lives in Umerkot whereas GDA (Grand Democratic Alliance) an alliance of all the anti-PPP parties, has allotted ticket to Arbab Anwar who is also the resident of Taluka Diplo.

In this context, almost all the local residents of Nagarparkar have rejected the outsiders or conventional candidates preferring the local candidates who are contesting in the elections as independent candidates.

Ghulam Sarwer Samejo , Nazia Sohrab Khoso and Raes Ghani Khan Khoso are the local independent candidates for PS-55 in 2018 general elections but as Raes Ghani Khan Khoso is related to PPP so he may be allotted ticket by the party or he may withdraw in the favor of being PPP candidate.

The wave is also in favor of Samejo as the youth of Nagarparkar has shown interest in the elections rejecting the feudalists and landlords.

Samejo says, “If the outcome of the elections comes in his favor then he will give the public a chance to raise their concerns and will try to provide all the basic facilities like water, electricity, quality education specially girls education.”