By Barkat Ullah Baloch 

Hassan Yousuf Welfare Trust based in Jiwani, a small town of Gwadar, is providing free ambulance service on 24 hours basis in the remote coastal areas and nearby areas where there is no government-run facility of the ambulance.

This service is just one call away in an emergency and accidental situations. A single penny is not charged from the patient for the expenditure.

Ambulances of this trust are equipped with all basic first aid boxes and instruments, patients are shifted to Karachi, Gwadar and Turbat in emergency situations.

While talking to Pak Voices, Abdul Kareem Baloch, the chairman of the Trust, said, “We initiated this free ambulance service by considering the difficulties and problems of the local people due to non-availability of the ambulance in the area. ”

People face difficulties while shifting their patients in hospitals of Gwadar and Karachi due to lack of basic necessity like health with no ambulance service available in the remote areas.

People from not only Jiwani but also near cities are getting benefitted from the ambulances of the Trust for the last 9 years.

Abdul Kareem added that this ambulance service is run on their own and is not supported by any government organization or any private individual.