Daula Ram's family demonstrates over lack of action against ASI Nadeem
Daula Ram’s family demonstrates over lack of action against ASI Nadeem

On April 10, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Rehan Nadeem of Yazman City Police Station raided the house of Daula Ram in Chak No. 104DNB. Nadeem was allegedly drunk at the time and was accompanied by three other police officials.

During the attack, Nadeem and his accomplices tortured the women and looted money and jewelry. On their way out, they threatened to implicate Ram’s two sons, Shumara Ram and Kernel Ram, in fake cases if the family retaliated against the high-handedness.

After the attack, Ram and his family went into hiding. They decided to take legal recourse against the ASI in question, and expected retribution from Nadeem. The case was lodged in Bahawalpur High Court Bench by the defendant Shumara Ram on account of harassment by a police official. The High Court, in its decision, ordered the ASI in question, and the Station House Officer (SHO) of the same police station, to stay away from the family.

ASI Nadeem, on the other hand, claims that he raided the house to confiscate illegal alcohol from Shumara Ram.

Marvi Mai, Daula Ram’s wife, also appeared before Additional Judge Yazman and filed a case against ASI Nadeem under Article 22A over the charges that Nadeem entered the house uninvited, tortured the women and seized property illegally. Judge Raja Safdar reviewed the case and ordered District Police Officer (DPO), Bahawalpur to launch an inquiry against ASI Rehan Nadeem to investigate the case.

DPO Sarfaraz Falki then marked the inquiry for DSP Legal, but so far no institutional action has been taken against him. Being robbed of justice by the very guardians of justice, Daula Ram’s family has taken to protesting until they are given due justice.