Gilgit: (PR) This press release is with reference to the news reports published in different newspapers regarding roll-out of WeBOC (Web Based One Customs) at NLC dry port Sost and its ramifications on the trade happening through Pak-China border at Khunjrab.

WeBOC is the automated Customs clearance system operating on all Customs stations in Pakistan and before launching it formally at Sost, the Chief Collector Customs (North) and Collector Customs (Gilgit-Baltistan) convened a special meeting with all chambers and traders at Customs House Gilgit to brief about the system under talk.

Since the roll-out of WeBOC at Sost by the start of this season, numerous awareness seminars have been conducted to brief the traders about the benefits offered by the system to the government and the trader communities. Continuous training sessions have been conducted at Sost dry port to train the traders regarding its application and Customs Service Centers have also been established to assist traders regarding GD filing and other allied matters through-out its operations.

Roll-out of WeBOC shall not only make the trade through Pak-China border easy but shall also align Sost dry port with all the modern Customs infrastructures existing all over Pakistan. With the help of Special Communications Organization (SCO), the state-of-the-art fiber optics has been laid down to provide uninterrupted internet service to all the stakeholders till Khunjrab border.

It is further expounded for general awareness that the same traders and agents transacting at Sost dry port use WeBOC system on all other Customs stations for clearance of their goods and Sost dry port is indeed no exception.

Model Customs Collectorate Gilgit-Baltistan is fully geared to extend full facilitation to all genuine traders, however, this positive change has not been welcomed by certain quarters. All stakeholders namely; Customs, National Logistics Cell, Special Communications Organization and National Bank of Pakistan are fully motivated and trained to roll-out WeBOC for the greater good of our beloved Pakistan.

Courtesy: Pamir Times