By Qadir Balach 

Engineers have been working on the plant for the last two week for restoring the plant.

Water desalination plant, with the cost of 984 million, constructed by Balochistan Development Authority (BDA) has become partly functional now.

Gwadar has been facing water crisis for the fourth time since 2012. People staged a protest from the platform of All parties Gwadar against the water crisis which was called off after the local administration assured to meet their demands.

The construction of the plant started in 2007 and completed in 2015 but water supply could not be started to Gwadar. Now, this plant is partially functional.

Explaining the reason behind non-functionality of the plant for the past one year, additional deputy commissioner general, Gwadar, Qurban Magsi told PakVoices,

“Due to some technical faults, the plant could not be made functional but with the recent water crisis in Gwadar, the local administration made it functional within two weeks.”

“Engineers have worked continuously for two weeks to make the plant functional,” he added.

It should be noted that desalination plant is under the control of Public health engineering department.

The desalination plant has not been made fully functional even after 10 years.

On the water crisis in Gwadar, Public Health and Engineering Department senior official Shakeel Ahmed Baloch told PakVoices, “The population of Gwadar was less and the demand for water was also less but with the growing number of population in the town, the demand for water has also increased.”

Ankara dam is the only source of water for the town. At the time of construction, the dam had a storage capacity of 17,000 acre-feet, which has declined to only 6,000 acre-feet which can not store enough water for growing population of Gwadar.

The official of the Public Health and Engineering Department, Baloch told PakVoices about the demand of water in Gwadar, “There is a need for 7 million gallons per day but we are only supplying 1.2 to 1.5 million gallons per day which are far below the demand.”

ADC Qurban Magsi told PakVoices, “Desalination plant has six motors but only one has been made functional which produces 300,000 gallons and if all motors start working, the production may increase to 2 million gallons.”

The desalination project site is located in Karwat about 35 kilometers from the main Gwadar town.

“The plant is not fully running but engineers will make it completely functional soon and we will overcome the water crisis in Gwadar.”

Talking about the water crisis in Gwadar, Abid Rahim Sohrabi local body chairman claimed, “Balochistan Government approved Rs. 3 billion for Mirani dam. If that money used properly for the development of dam, there would be no water crisis in Gwadar.”

Senior official Shakeel Baloch told about the supply of water from Mirani Dam to Gwadar city, “Water has been supplied to Gwadar city from Mirani Dam on an emergency basis with the help of tankers. The request for a pipeline from Mirani Dam to Gwadar city has been initiated and the work will be started as soon as the government approves it.”

Qadir Balach is working with PakVoices from Gwadar town.

Edited by Hasan Khan

Translated by Muhammad Arsalan