By Vijay Sharma and Govind Kohli 

Two day Thar and Parkar Festival was held in district Tharparkar Friday and Saturday under Culture & Tourism department, Sindh.

During the colourful event, beautiful stalls showcased the local culture of Thar and offered delicious local food items.

The festival featured musical show, poetry Session, folk wisdom (Sughar Kachehri), race of horses and camels, folk dances, tableau and exhibition of folk art and designs.

Late evening, fireworks also got a great attention of people at Gadhi Bhit- famous picnic place of Mithi attracting a huge crowd.

Here is a look at the festival:

The festival showcased moveable sculptures depicting typical women of Thar Desert attired in hand made and embroidered dress.


Spinning wheel stall was set up showing how traditional clothes of Thar are made.


These elegant sculptures tell the story of a woman of Thar who has added to the charm of local culture. However, women have been shown in more traditional roles such as engaged in domestic chores despite the fact that women play a vital role in the local economy.


Clay work was also on display at the stall in Mithi.


A variety of food stalls including dry fruit of Thar were set up.


Rasooro is a popular Kohli or Thari dance performed by 8 men or women having a small stick in hand on the beat of the dhol. This dance was the main feature of the event held in Nagarparkar on the second day of the festival.


Kohli dance stole the show as the local artists gave an enthralling performance.


Umer Marvi drama was staged by the local artists under Bhitayi Arts Council in Mithi.

Vijay Sharma is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Mithi, Tharparkar.

Govind Kohli contributed to this report from Nagarparkar. He also works with PakVoices as a citizen journalist. Photographs by the authors