By Sudheer Rathore

The cases of suicide has also risen to alarming level in Tharparkar. In last 6 years 370 cases of suicide has surfaces including 190 women, 170 men and 12 teens. Police has called these incidents as mental illness and accidents. But facts are contrary to these claims by police.

Social activist from Chachro, Kewal Meghwar committed suicide and left suicide note of 18 pages in his pocket explaining the reason for his suicide. He cast vote against local landlords and for doing this, local landlord made his life miserable and he mentioned names of landlords in his suicide note. The suicide note was neither handed over to family of Kewal nor showed on media.

As a result of a shortage of food, innocent children die in drought conditions of Thar desert.  Reportedly, livestock is dying every day which is leaving the farmers under economic stress. This is also a very major cause of suicide in this region.

Local organization is giving micro-financing loans to farmers on easy installments but they sometimes delay the installment due to unusual financial circumstances. If they delay the installment, representatives of local organization stay at the homes of people and put pressure. There was an incident of suicide by female surfaces due to this reason as she couldn’t bore the pressure.

Government must look into the matter and give people of Tharparkar the facilities and support so they can lead a healthy live.