Arif Noor

An event was organized at Gwadar Grammar School to commemorate World Space Week on October 7th, Monday. Students of primary, middle and secondary classes participated in the event with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The event included poster competition and model making competition. The students made paintings and posters of the planets whereas the models included that of the solar system, telescope and rockets.

World Space Week is a global event celebrated from October 4th to October 10th. Various events involving poster competitions, visits to institutions and using creativity with crafts are organized around the world. The main purpose of the week is to motivate students and youth to learn more about the space and to acknowledge the achievements in the field of science and technology.

Such events serve as a refresher of the concepts learnt theoretically and also helps in boosting students’ creativity. The students remain motivated along with enjoying and participating in healthy competitions as well. The event organized in Gwadar Grammar School was a successful activity with learning opportunities of both students and teachers.