CHARSADDA, 8 October: The Construction and Works Department has declared the building of Boys Primary School in Dadu Killi in Charsadda as unusable and unsafe, but boys continue to attend their classes in the building.

A teacher at the school, Muhammad Akram told TNN that the walls and roof of the building are in extremely poor condition which may collapse anytime. He said the Education Department has not provided alternate building for the school despite several requests. He said the C&W Department has sent a notice to the school declaring the building unsafe for use after which the Parents Teachers Association sent several letters to the Education Department Secretary and other officials for an alternate building.

“Our file is with the secretary education, while the QWP chief Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, who is MNA from our constituency, was also informed about the condition of the school, but no one did anything. The students are risking their lives by attending their classes in this school building,” he said.

About 400 students are currently enrolled in the four-room school which was opened in 1985. Students of the school told TNN that power supply system, black boards and floors are damaged which should be repaired immediately.

A student, Usman said: “Cement from the roof falls over us when we attend our classes and our lives remain under threat. Floors are also in extremely poor condition.”

Charsadda Education Department SDEO Siraj Shah, when contacted, told TNN that reconstruction of the school building will begin soon.

“Funds have been released for the construction of the school and we will construct two-storey building due to shortage of space,” he said.

He said they are searching a ranted building for the school on temporary basis after receiving notice from the Construction and Works Department. He said the students will be accommodated in nearby schools if another building was not available for them till construction of the new building.

Courtesy: TNN