Nizam Rahim Baloch 

The bold letters ‘BNP’ and ‘Sardar’ painted on the wall of the school building. .

Two rooms with a verandah on the front and sans windows and doors standing under blue sky in the Nokabad village of the Panjgur district give a look of a deserted compound.

Locals say this is a government primary school, which was built five years ago but there is nothing in and around the building which can prove this as an educational institution.

The bold letters ‘BNP’ and an Urdu word ‘Sardar’ painted on the building show that the premises has only been used for a political party and a feudal lord.

Though locals say the school building was constructed in the village by the previous government after their successive demands, it’s yet to see any student taking a class in it.

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“After my appointment as a teacher in this school I was assured that this school would be repaired soon and I will be able to start my classes here, but it never happened,” said Asif Baloch, a graduate of the University of Balochistan.

“Only during the last year, five teams of officials from the education department visited the school building to assess this situation and promised to resolve its issues but nothing has been done yet,” he told Pak Voices adding that he and other notables of the area also wrote several letters to the local Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA), who is also the provincial health minister, but everything was in vain.

Baloch, however, could not tolerate the poor state of the affairs and decided to teach students at his own home.

A makeshift school has been set up by a local teacher at his own house as the main building is in bad shape.

“I renovated my guest house as a classroom and started classes there. Today I have 25 students including a couple of female students as the district education administration directed me to teach girls students also if they wish to study,” Baloch said adding that the authorities’ lack of interest to complete this school building was disappointing when he was trying his best to educate children of the area.

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“I discussed this issue with District Education Officer, Saeed Baloch and he told me that the local government has the funds to address such issues, but nothing has happened”.

“Even I have purchased a table, chair and other furniture and accessories from my own kitty but the government did not do anything,” he said.

The school premises show no signs of a school but locals tell it used to be a primary government school.

Mujahid Baloch, another graduate from the University of Balochistan said that he and dozens of others had successfully passed entry test for appointment as teachers but the government did not provide them any opportunity saying there was no vacancy.

“We even gave a list of around 10 vacant posts of this area to district education administration but they did not take any step. We want to uplift the education of our area which is one of the most backward areas. We are committed to teaching at schools but the government has disappointed us.”

“It is not the story of only this school but there are many schools in backward parts of Balochistan and particularly in Panjgur which are facing a situation like this,” he said.

Nizam Rahim Baloch is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Pungur. 

Edited by Hasan Khan