Salal Sanjrani

This is the only girl’s college in the area in district Pungur for higher secondary education, which is facing a shortage of teaching staff. 

Panjgur is part of Pakistan’s Balochistan province, the one which is said to be blessed with mineral wealth but yet underdeveloped. This very province is also said to be a top priority of the government because it was ignored by the previous regimes and also because it’s the center of China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC).

But even during the present times of fantasy, when neither the provincial nor the federal government spare a minute to claim they are converting Balochistan into a development heaven, a government college in Panjgur does not have even enough teachers to educate girls.

The college, which is the only source for a higher secondary education of girls in the area, is currently lacking at least 19 teachers. The institution has only eight teachers available to educate female students in Panjgur and its far-flung areas.

According to the college administration, two posts of BS19, 6 posts of BS18 and 11 posts of BS 17 are vacant currently.

To overcome the shortage, the management made an arrangement to utilise services of the male lecturers from the boys degree college.

However, the arrangement failed as the funds were not made available for even these small payments to the lecturers from the boys’ college who offered their services to teach in this girls college too.

Eventually, they also refused to teach girls.

With a strength of 800 students, this college established in 1993, is the only institution in the Panjgur district providing education to females up to bachelor’s level.

The principal told PakVoices that the posts are lying vacant because no candidate could meet the requirement of passing the competitive examination. 

“The positions are vacant because the candidates applying for these posts fail to qualify for the competitive examination, a standard test for the jobs,” Najma Rafat, Principal of the college told PakVoices.

“Many a time, the vacancies were announced but no candidate could qualify. Moreover, the male teachers from the boys college, who were hired as a temporary arrangement, have also boycotted the classes for nonpayment of salaries and this has added to our difficulties,” she said.

Transportation woes

The college is situated at a distant location and majority of students are also deprived of transport facility.

The college has three buses to give pick and drop services to students, but, unavailability of drivers make two of them useless. There is only one driver for three buses.

The institution also lacks security guards as the government has appointed one person against the requirement of five, leaving the students and staff at risk in the prevailing fragile law and order situation.

The situation leaves students in great distress and they feel discouraged to continue their studies.


The library, which is an integral part of any educational institution, does not even exist here.

The college administration designated a classroom to set-up a library, but despite all their efforts, they failed to get the reasonable number of books and a library building.

“The local public representatives made their hollow promises to build a library and solve other problems of the college, but nothing has been done so far,” the principal said.

Salal Sanjrani is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur, Balochistan. 

Edited by Hasan Khan