Falak Sher, in front of the shop he works at
Falak Sher, in front of the shop he works at

“Polio has made my life infinitely difficult. I wanted to lead an ordinary life and be educated but all my dreams are unfulfilled due to my physical handicap.”

These are the words of Falak Sher, a resident of the Tiba Badar Sher, Bahawalpur. Talking to the PakVoices representative, Sher said that he was affected by polio while he was still a student in Grade 3. Due to polio, he suffered from a paralysis attack and then his leg was broken in a minor accident.

According to him he couldn’t get sufficient medical treatment due to poverty and he also had to give up on his education. Today, his five siblings and father work on different labor jobs to earn their bread while Falak Sher works at a tailoring shop and earns 200 rupees a day (roughly $2).


In response to a question, Sher says, “The society generally don’t treat handicapped people like me well.  Are we not humans? It breaks my heart to see others like me treated bad just because of their handicap and I pray that no one has to suffer this.”

Falak Sher says that he has to face countless problems in his life but the most critical right now is that he has no wheelchair. To earn his living, he has to rely on someone to drop him at the shop. And if at a given day, no one is around to drop him, he is not able to earn the meager sum that he usually does.

Despite the hardships that he has to face, Falak Sher says that he wants to reach out to others facing a similar predicament, and tell that that they shouldn’t give up on life, and keep up the hard work.

Originally published in Urdu at PakVoices Bahawalpur site