Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed serious concerns over the terrible situation regarding deaths of children in Tharparkar. The death toll of infant in Tharparkar has reached 32 for this month and 508 for the year. A detailed report on the deaths of children in Tharparkar was presented to Imran Khan

Imran Khan has directed to send 4 ambulances and 2 mobile hospitals immediately to affected areas, tweeted by Imran Ismail

PM is concerned on the condition of thar. 2 mobile state of art hospitals with 4 ambulances 2 be provided, fully paid for 5 years including medicines & doctors. 35,000 health cards covering patients upto Rs.600,000 medical insurances will be issued in the first phase.

— Imran Ismail (@ImranIsmailPTI) October 20, 2018