'Cheating is the death of education' reads a banner
‘Cheating is the death of education’ reads a banner in Ormara rally

Students and teachers at Government Boys High School, Ormara came together on February 16 for a rally against the trend of cheating in exams. Tehsildar Changez Khan and Deputy District Education Officer also participated in the rally. The rally started at the school and going through the Main Bazar ended at Mullah Raheem Bakhsh Chowk. Participants of the rally held up banners with slogans such as ‘Cheating is the death of intellect’ and ‘Cheating is cancer.’

Talking to the rally, Tehsildar Changez Khan said, “Cheating is the enemy of genuine education. We live in times when academic competition is stiff but if students choose to cheat in their exams, we will never progress.’

Headmaster Government Boys High School Izhar Ahmad Khan said, “The aim of this campaign is to impart awareness of the coming tomorrow to our students. Those who criticize all the time will criticize us as well. I invite such critics to come join us and help shape a bright future for the students.’ At the end of the rally, SST Science Sadiq Ali said that if the teachers performed their role well enough, the scourge of cheating will be gone once and for all.

A similar rally was organized in Gwadar where the students of Government Model High School and Government Jadeed High School staged a demonstration in front of the Gwadar Press Club.

Student rally in front of Gwadar Press Club
Student rally in front of Gwadar Press Club


District Council Chairman Baboo Gulab and Education Officer Muhammad Jan Raza participated in the rally and spoke to other participants about how to eliminate cheating.

Additional Reporting: Shah Nawaz and Suleman Hashim