DIR UPPER: Hundreds of residents including students of Mattar area of Nihag Darra in Dir Upper on Thursday staged a protest and marched for 48 kilometers against the district government for no constructing a road to link the area with rest of the district.

The protesters also protested work on a road they started themselves but were stopped by residents of Badali who threatened them against work on the road that would pass through their area.

The protesters including school going students claimed that Badali residents also damaged the machinery they brought for the cutting and building of a passageway.

The protesters while setting up a protest camp complained that a case was registered against them but the police was not taking any action against them.

They said that there was no road to connect their area with rest of the district forcing hundreds of residents of Mattar area to walk for hours.

They demanded of the district government to allocate funds and assign machinery for construction of road otherwise they would not call of their protest.Assistant commissioner Akhtar Nawaz said that elders of both tribes held Jirga and the issue would be resolved soon.

Courtesy: TNN