By Qadir Bakhsh

Much to the dismay of the local residents of Union Council Kalag, the sole road linking the UC to the city is in shambles just after one week of its construction.

The 3 km road, which is estimated to cost more than 10 million rupees, was approved with much difficulty and now has become a victim of corruption and commissions, according to locals.

Social activist Sadiq Baloch while talking to PakVoices told that the road plays an important role in linking Kalag with Panjgur headquarter. This area is already cut off from the rest of the populated area and this road provided the people of this area means to travel to the city, he added.

Another resident Sher Jan narrating his views to PakVoices said, “ When government provides us funds for development the big wigs distribute it among themselves.

The same thing happened in the construction of this road. Poor construction material was used as a result of which the road became depleted and tax payers money went down the drain”, he said.

He further said that we on several occasions pointed out the poor construction of the road  to the contractor but he paid no heed and no action was taken.

“There is a need to investigate the sub standard construction of this road and elements who are found involved in this negligence need to be identified and bought to justice”, Jan said.

When PakVoices contacted Xeon B and R Chakar Rafiq he said that elements responsible for negligence will not be spared.

“We pay contractors money for quality work. If anyone is found involved in bypassing rules and regulations their payments will be stopped” Chakar said.

He said we will investigate and identify the faults in the road and the contractor will be bound to complete the road.

“No one will be permitted to embezzle public funds”, he said categorically.