Qadir Bakhsh Sanjrani

The month of May saw an unusual weather system with areas in Makran Coast receiving rainfall. As these areas are not equipped with a strong infrastructure, the rainfall and flash flood wreaked damage to the roads of the region. The national highway Rahi Nigwar which links Panjgur and Turbat has currently broken down due to same and its reconstruction work has not been carried out yet. The condition of the road has been a cause of a lot of traffic mishaps and incidents.

Rahi Nigwar is one of the busiest highways and it links Sohrab highway to Pangur along with connecting Turbat to Gwadar. Due to the lack of reconstruction facilities, a lot of vehicles have been facing inconvenience and also become stranded for a long time.

Although the transporters have placed diversions on the highway, a lot of accidents have been taking place. The current condition of the highway is in a dire need of reconstruction so that any unfortunate incidence can be avoided in the near future.


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